Weld Test
Storage tanks and dissolving tanks for metallic salt
solutions for sewage treatment plants
1 = Leak detection device
2 = Metering pump
3 = Exhaust pipe
4 = Measuring pipe
5 = Suction pipe
6 = Dissolving pipe
7 = Discharge hopper
8 = Precipitant

A = Precipitant dosing station
B = Receiver tank
C = Dissolving tank

Leak protection linings of reinforced concrete tanks for
non-flammable water hazardous liquids.
General Letter of Approval: Z-65.30-471

The prevention of pollution of the precious water in rivers, lakes and oceans is one of
the most important topics in environmental protection. Thus wastewater purification is
of particular importance. Type “tba VI” was developed especially for the continuing wastewater treatment in sewage plants.

Leak protection linings in treatment plants for phosphate elimination:

For dissolving and receiver tanks of precipitant dosing stations

Resistant against aggressive metallic salt solutions

For new and subsequent linings of above-ground and underground reinforced
concrete tanks with permanent monitoring by a vacuum leak detector device

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