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Hazardous substance tanks with the tba leak protection system made of GRP actively contribute to water conservation. Thanks to high corrosion resistance, a long service life and low operating costs are guaranteed. English Deutsch English Français Türkce Cesky Po Polsku

The tba leak protection linings offer the greatest possible safety in airports, industrial facilities, governmental facilities, sewage treatment plants, waste dumps, agricultural facilities, residential developments, hospitals and schools.

Our Company is approved according to section
19 l WHG (German Federal Water Protection Act). The quality management system is certified by ISO 9001.

The tba-system represents class 1 of the European Standard EN 13160 and guarantees
the highest level of safety and environmental protection.

For about 40 years tanks are built with a total capacity of more than 600 millon liters. No drop
of any stored product ever escaped from a tba-tank into the environment.

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